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Warranty Options
Access Transmission lets you decide which warranty is right for you. If you plan on keeping your vehicle for many years to come and you want to ensure that your transmission is up to date with all of the current mechanical and electrical specifications, the PREMIUM WARRANTY  package is for you. If you plan on trading in your vehicle for something new later or you just need a good quality economical fix, then the STANDARD WARRANTY option is your best choice. Either way, you can rest assure that your transmission will be fixed by trained technicians with many years of experience and with top quality parts.     

This warranty package represents our top-of-the-line transmission rebuild that consists of a 3 year 36,000 mile parts and labor warranty, equivalent to what most domestic manufacturer warranties offer. 

After a transmission has been in the market for some time, technical service bulletins (TSBs) and update information identifying potential problem areas are released. These problem solving procedures and upgraded parts can be installed in the transmission at the time of the rebuild.  It is called the Sure Cure Kit made by Sonnax.  This can add durability and longevity to the transmission by reducing possible future problems.

All solenoids and switches on and inside the transmission are replaced with new ones, because the failure of electrical components on electronically controlled transmissions is a common problem that can cause a transmission not to shift and could cause it to take off in fail safe or limp mode.

In addition to the updates and electrical component problems being addressed, we also rebuild each premium warranty package transmission with a master overhaul kit utilizing new friction clutches (Raybestos and/or Borg Warner), new steel plates, bushing kits, and washer kits.


This warranty package comes complete with a 2 year 24,000 mile local warranty, 100% parts and labor.  Although this warranty package does not come with all the "extras" as our Premium Package, you still get a high quality rebuilt transmission for a very reasonable price. To help lower the cost, this warranty package includes replacing all damaged hard parts with remanufactured or new aftermarket hard parts. Friction materials are replaced with quality Raybestos and/or Borg Warner products. All electrical switches and solenoids are checked, if they check out to be faulty, they are replaced with new aftermarket products. The transmission cooler lines are thoroughly flushed and cooler line flow is checked to insure proper cooling.

This warranty package is a very good quality product, second only to our premium package. Do not underestimate its value because this Standard Package rebuild offers far more than most competitors’ programs. That’s why we warranty this product locally for 2 years and  24,000 miles 100% parts and labor. Most of our competitor’s warranty their rebuilds for 6 months or 90 days.

Terms of our warranty:

Access Transmission warranties all repairs parts and labor, (commencing on the date of the customer’s invoice) against defective parts and workmanship, providing the vehicle has been properly driven and maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. This warranty excludes used parts, or parts not purchased by Access Transmission. Access Transmission will warranty only the defective parts or labor and is not liable for incidental damages or occurrences beyond the defective parts or labor.